Friday, January 15, 2010

Update - Haiti -

The window for find survivors is beginning to close unfortunately. But as the rescue teams work through the rubble there is some good news. The USS Carl Vinson is now off shore, which can brings medical facilities, food, water and staging area for helicopters operations. As well the USAF is assisting logistically at the airport and 82nd Airborne is on the island. Also with in the next 24hrs the USS Comfort will be off shore which will bring medical staff, beds and operating facilities. Though this is still not enough it does bring some hope to a dire situation on the island.

This is probably one of the few humanitarian crisis in Haiti which was not caused by the hand of the government. Since I can remember there have been coup d'etats, dictators or other stages of civil unrest on the island. In recent years the government had been stable and seemed to be on turn for the better. Unlike many of the other Caribbean island, Haiti had not been a tourist destination. Though it wasn't because of lack of beauty but was from crime and poverty.

If you believe in second chances the citizens of Haiti deserve one so I urge you to make a donation or prayer(for you of faith) for the people.

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