Thursday, January 21, 2010

Not much

I really don't have much to say and nothing exciting has happened. Sorry I wish I did but I just felt the need to check in and say "Hi." Last night I did set up a portfolio on Deviant Art you can have a look here
I'll add more as I have the time. Oh and if you fancy any of those photo you can purchase the prints through Deviant Art and I do get a cut. So yes this is a bit of self promotion :-) If you have an art portfolio there please let me know I'd love to check out your stuff.

On a side note Tim Tebow is a fucking wuss. The prick is doing an ad for the anti-gay organization Focus on the Family, I guess it will air during the Superbowl. It will be an anti-abortion spot, but just being linked to this group makes me wonder how he feels about their anti-gay platform. He's probably going to cry again like he did after loosing the SEC championship game. Either way he's Guilty by association. I really hope he goes undrafted in June now that he has been linked to a Christian Hate Group. Maybe the teams will just seeing him as a toxic asset and not wanting to get involved with such an ASSHOLE. I can only hope.

I also updated "Blogs I Follow" that are displayed on the right side just scroll down. Here are a few that I added...
Gay Gamer Net
Hockey Kid MN
I'll Do Tricks For You
Moon Over Martinborough
Beach and Pool
Its Getting Better

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