Friday, January 15, 2010

Help Haiti

I don't know how much of the coverage people have seen on the Earthquake in Haiti, but I had seen and read a good deal. Damn that place is SCREWED!
There is no electricity, No medical supplies, very little food and clean water.
The only way to get supplies is via aircraft...But they only have one runway... But the airport is out of fuel so the planes can't land if they are low on fuel.
"Wait can't they fly in to the Dominican Republic?"
"Sure they can but the roads are all fucked up so things can't be trucked over and there aren't enough helicopters."
"But dude they're Island can't they bring it in by boat?"
"Well they could if there was a port. The main port facility with the over head gantry cranes was destroyed."
"Dude they're fucked!"
Exactly, So please make a donation to the Red Cross ( or another organization of your choice. Just be-careful there are unscrupulous individuals that love tragedies.

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