Thursday, January 28, 2010

J.D. Salinger Dies At 91

It really sucks to hear that J.D. Salinger has passed, Catcher in the Rye is probably one of my favorite books. I think that I have read it a dozen or so times and brought a smile to my face just as many times. J.D. thank you for the trips, distractions and memories may you go in peace.

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The iPad

Okay I know all of you iDiots out there were hanging on Steve Jobs every word yesterday. So now you are all counting the days until you can purchase the iPad, well here you go this is what you have been waiting for. JK, but you have to check out this...

Here's the link if you want to share

Either way I think they should went with iSlate it sound much cooler than the iPAD. Though this Madtv Apple spoof from back in 2005-6 is friggin hilarious now.I heard the interview with the writers on NPR today here is a link to the article and audio.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fresh Shipment of SPAM

Yahoo had been doing so well and then I got this today. It at least could have been from the Nigerians theirs are much more entertaining to read, and then I can find out about my long lost relative or my British Lottery winning? But getting right down to it if you get and email like this it's from crooks. They want your personal information so they can steal your Identity.

How do I know this? (I didn't think I'd have to explain it) First off I don't do business with Walmart, nor will I ever. Second I'm pretty sure that Walmart's customer service will have a in their email address, not Thirdly they never used my name once, you'd figure if I had an account with them they'd know my name.

If you get an email like this just delete it.
Returned Wal-Mart card
Tue, January 26, 2010 6:55:52 PM

We have been notified that your Wal-Mart card has been returned to our offices.
There must be an address discrepancy in the information we have on file.
Please go to the link and verify that we have your correct address.
Once you've confirmed, we expect your card to be sent out shortly.

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Real Wrestling

We have a couple of so called wrestling fans at work. They love to go on about Raw and NWA, I'm sure you know the type that love to watch steroid injected animals "ACTing" in soap operas. When I think of wrestling this what I think of not something that has been rehearsed and choreographed.

And thses guys are so much hotter than any muscle bound freak of natures ;-) I just want to add a Yum. Guys in singlets are so HOT.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Not much

I really don't have much to say and nothing exciting has happened. Sorry I wish I did but I just felt the need to check in and say "Hi." Last night I did set up a portfolio on Deviant Art you can have a look here
I'll add more as I have the time. Oh and if you fancy any of those photo you can purchase the prints through Deviant Art and I do get a cut. So yes this is a bit of self promotion :-) If you have an art portfolio there please let me know I'd love to check out your stuff.

On a side note Tim Tebow is a fucking wuss. The prick is doing an ad for the anti-gay organization Focus on the Family, I guess it will air during the Superbowl. It will be an anti-abortion spot, but just being linked to this group makes me wonder how he feels about their anti-gay platform. He's probably going to cry again like he did after loosing the SEC championship game. Either way he's Guilty by association. I really hope he goes undrafted in June now that he has been linked to a Christian Hate Group. Maybe the teams will just seeing him as a toxic asset and not wanting to get involved with such an ASSHOLE. I can only hope.

I also updated "Blogs I Follow" that are displayed on the right side just scroll down. Here are a few that I added...
Gay Gamer Net
Hockey Kid MN
I'll Do Tricks For You
Moon Over Martinborough
Beach and Pool
Its Getting Better

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Update - Haiti -

The window for find survivors is beginning to close unfortunately. But as the rescue teams work through the rubble there is some good news. The USS Carl Vinson is now off shore, which can brings medical facilities, food, water and staging area for helicopters operations. As well the USAF is assisting logistically at the airport and 82nd Airborne is on the island. Also with in the next 24hrs the USS Comfort will be off shore which will bring medical staff, beds and operating facilities. Though this is still not enough it does bring some hope to a dire situation on the island.

This is probably one of the few humanitarian crisis in Haiti which was not caused by the hand of the government. Since I can remember there have been coup d'etats, dictators or other stages of civil unrest on the island. In recent years the government had been stable and seemed to be on turn for the better. Unlike many of the other Caribbean island, Haiti had not been a tourist destination. Though it wasn't because of lack of beauty but was from crime and poverty.

If you believe in second chances the citizens of Haiti deserve one so I urge you to make a donation or prayer(for you of faith) for the people.

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Help Haiti

I don't know how much of the coverage people have seen on the Earthquake in Haiti, but I had seen and read a good deal. Damn that place is SCREWED!
There is no electricity, No medical supplies, very little food and clean water.
The only way to get supplies is via aircraft...But they only have one runway... But the airport is out of fuel so the planes can't land if they are low on fuel.
"Wait can't they fly in to the Dominican Republic?"
"Sure they can but the roads are all fucked up so things can't be trucked over and there aren't enough helicopters."
"But dude they're Island can't they bring it in by boat?"
"Well they could if there was a port. The main port facility with the over head gantry cranes was destroyed."
"Dude they're fucked!"
Exactly, So please make a donation to the Red Cross ( or another organization of your choice. Just be-careful there are unscrupulous individuals that love tragedies.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gay Teen Worried He Might Be Christian

This had to be shared. I'm sure that everyone has already seen this on Facebook but I got a big laugh at it.

Gay Teen Worried He Might Be Christian
The Onion

LOUISVILLE, KY—At first glance, high school senior Lucas Faber, 18, seems like any ordinary gay teen. He's a member of his school's swing choir, enjoys shopping at the mall, and has sex with other males his age. But lately, a growing worry has begun to plague this young gay man. A gnawing feeling that, deep down, he may be a fundamentalist, right-wing Christian.

"I don't know what's happening to me," Faber admitted to reporters Monday. "It's like I get these weird urges sometimes, and suddenly I'm tempted to go behind my friends' backs and attend a megachurch service, or censor books in the school library in some way. Even just the thought of organizing a CD-burning turns me on."

Added Faber, "I feel so confused."

The openly gay teen, who came out to his parents at age 14 and has had a steady boyfriend for the past seven months, said he first began to suspect he might be different last year, when he started feeling an odd stirring within himself every time he passed a church. The more conservative the church, Faber claimed, the stronger his desire was to enter it.

"It's like I don't even know who I am anymore," the frightened teenager said. "Keeping this secret obsession with radical right-wing dogma hidden away from my parents, teachers, and schoolmates is tearing me apart."
Enlarge Image Sock Drawer

Faber's sock drawer is home to a number of illicit magazines he has secretly accepted from street preachers.

According to Faber, his first experience with evangelical Christianity was not all that different from other gays his age.

"Sure, I looked at the Book of Leviticus once or twice—everybody has," Faber said. "We all experiment a little bit with that stuff when we're growing up. But I was just a kid. I didn't think it meant anything."

Faber's instinct was to deny these early emotions. But recently, the Louisville teen admitted, the feelings have grown stronger, making him wonder more and more what life as a born-again right-wing fundamentalist would be like.

"The other week, I was this close to picketing in front of an abortion clinic," the mortified teenager said, his eyes welling up with tears. "I know it's wrong, but I wanted so badly to do it anyway. I even made one of those signs with photos of dead fetuses and hid it in my closet. I felt so ashamed, yet, at the same time, it was all strangely titillating."

Faber's parents, although concerned, said they're convinced their otherwise typical gay son is merely going through a conservative Christian phase.

"I caught him watching The 700 Club once when he thought he was alone in the house, and last week, I found some paperbacks from the Left Behind series hidden in his sock drawer," his mother, Eileen Faber, said. "I'm sure he'll grow out of it, but even if he doesn't, I will love and accept my son no matter what."

Faber's father was far less tolerant in his comments.

"No son of mine is going to try to get intelligent design into school textbooks," Geoffrey Faber said. "And I absolutely refuse to pay his tuition if he decides to go to one of those colleges like Oral Roberts University where they're just going to fill his head with a lot of crazy conservative ideas."

He added, "I just want my normal gay son back."

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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Let it SNOW

So once again it's snowing in Atlanta, though it mostly just off and on flurries. And before all everyone North of the Mason/Dixon line jumps on my case about a little snow. I just want to say I grew up in the Boston area and have experienced my fair share of snow storms, blizzards and white out conditions. With being said, I have come to realize that all common sense is lost here in Atlanta when they hear it may snow.

I'm sure if you go to any of the super markets you'll find near bare shelves in the bread, beer and dairy section. I just laugh it's not like there will be a blizzard and the forecast is for 20". Worst of all the drivers are either scared shit which makes them dangerous or don't care making them even more dangerous. But don't worry they will tweet their near death experience just before they slam into the back of the semi.

For myself I love snow and say bring it on, I'm just a kid at heart. Then we can have a snowball fight, build a snowman and go inside for hot chocolate. I just am going to sit here and laugh at the school closings and how people are over reacting. Tomorrow it will all be over and have melted away by the afternoon. Like everyone else in the country I have had it with these cold snaps, if it's going to be cold it might as well snow.

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