Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Little by Little

Things have been progressing slowly. But we are almost at the end of this two month disruption in our lives. The former nemmisist of the house Zig, our roommates cat came home on Sunday and has already begun to fur everything in his path. No corner, piece of furniture or floor will be left untouched. Though he seems to have lost some weight and tend to want to be around people he knows. Today he has been running around upstairs, the former "ACHTUNG! Es ist verboten, geben Sie nicht!" zone. But once we are back downstairs that rule will be enforced once again and we will be chasing him downstairs. I would have locked him in the roommates' bedroom but they are doing some touch up work in there too.

Mighty Ziggy

They did finally grout the kitchen floor which has been a sticking point with me. I just never understood why they didn't do it all at once. My think had been if it was done all at once then the grout would be strong and solid. But they said it didn't matter, only time will tell. The carpet in the living/dining room has been re stretched, I noticed they cut out about 1/2 - 1/4" of an inch. I guess it had been too long, but it looks pretty good now.

Fingers crossed we should have a functional kitchen with a counter-top. That is if Homo Depot and their supplier doesn't fuck up again.

This afternoon the TV and media cabinet will arrive. Best Buy is going to do the mounting and all that for us. Ryan got a pretty good deal on the TV, with a pre-Black Friday sale which was actually better then what hey had advertised over the past weekend. Who Knew?
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dmarks said...

Happy "Cat Blog Friday". I've never seen "fur" as a verb before.

Seth said...

You're getting there, finally!!

And LOL I love "fur" as a verb for sure. That's a primary job responsibility for many cats.


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