Saturday, November 21, 2009

Weird Dream and Progress Report 4.5

I really don't dream that much at least not many that I remember anyway. Well last night I had a dream I was drink either with some football hooligans or a rugby team. It definitely did not take place in the US. I'm not sure which, I didn't recognize the bar/pub and I'm not sure if they are gay or straight, it was pretty much just guys drinking and watching a game. It was a pretty festive time. So I guess over all it was good but the hell does it mean, it was pretty random? If your good at interpreting dreams just leave me a comment and please explain what the hell it al means.

On a side note the contractors are here, why they have to show up at 8am on a Saturday is beyond me. But the house is probably at 95% they are finishing a few touch ups, the kitchen cabinets and stretching the carpet. Unfortunately the kitchen won't be 100% until Tuesday, the counter-top had been delayed. Which is cutting it close to having a kitchen to cook for Thanksgiving, I've pretty much said I'm not eating out on the holiday. The sofa is going to be delivered this afternoon. Tuesday I'm going to talk to someone about getting the dining room chairs re-upholstered and finding some fabric for those since our roomate doesn't seem to care and has been dicking the dog. I decide to hold off on the photos and until there is a finished product.

Sethy here's another Yellow guy for your little trip through the color wheel.

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1 comment:

Seth said...

I hope they get the kitchen set in time, so you can finally have a place to feel comfortable in, and have a nice holiday meal to celebrate (the home, not the annihilation of the native american peoples) LOL j/k

Oh my!! That's actually Shannon, a really hot Aussie, who commonly fills out really tight Speedos etc with his sexy body!!!

Funny thing is, that photo has been in my queue for a few days lol.

Have a wonderful holiday!!


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