Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Progress Report 4.0

Things are moving along at the house, slowly but surely. Yesterday the HVAC units were replaced so things are bit more comfortable. Today they are mounting the kitchen cabinets, though they haven't finished grouting the floor 1st, don't ask me why they haven't. The carpets and floors are the biggest hurdle to moving back downstairs. We spent last Sunday looking at more furniture, mostly looking for side tables. I think we are also close to purchasing those. We did buy the couch; we got the Troy sofa from Crate and Barrel with Mushroom Micro-fiber that will come in a week or so. Ryan has an idea which TV and stand he wants to get.

We next have to find someone to re-upholster the dinning room chairs and clean up the rest of the furniture. We have been waiting to do that until the kitchen floor or there is less dust. We are pretty much in the home stretch now it's a matter of getting things finished up. Then we can really get picky about fine tuning things.

So the biggest out standing issues are the kitchen stairs and floors. I know I promised photos but I still haven't gotten around to taking them. I'll try to remember to take some tomorrow on my day off and then get those posted.

On a side note Serv-Pro rep came by last night to address a letter that was sent to them. Little was done about the quality of service we received. So if you are ever flooded and live in the Atlanta area DO NOT call Serv-Pro of Chamblee, call Service Master.

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