Thursday, November 05, 2009

Damn Them Yankees

Well I didn't do to bad with my final analysis of the MLB playoffs and though I forgot to commit to the World Series winner. Though I had been hoping to the Phillies would win, but alas the Yankees took it all. I hating the Yankees only comes natural for me being a Red Sox fan ;-) But my hat goes off for the Yankees they played a hell of series and it just shows that A-rod has shaken the riod stigma. They have a some great bats and had been surging since the All-Star break. They didn't miss a beat even into the playoffs. It's one hell of a way to christen their new stadium in the Bronx.

Now we start with the off season and free agent filings. I believe players can start filing today and then there is a 15 day exclusivity period with their current clubs after that it's free game for the rest of the league. I haven't looked over the whole field to see who is out there but I think Matt Holliday (Cardinals), Jason Bay (Red Sox) and Johnny Damon (Yankees) are all eligible. I would love to see Matt and Jason in Red Sox's uniforms in the spring. Once all of the filings are in I'll try to keep you up to date on who is going where.

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