Sunday, October 25, 2009

Progress Report 3.0

I stopped by the house after work this evening to check on Munch and give him his evening treats. Everything is moving along pretty well. All of the drywall is up, taped, sanded and painted. The kitchen floor has the tile down, though they still need to grout and seal it, to call it finished, so things are looking up. Ryan and I had a talk this evening and we are going to move back in Monday or Tuesday, at the latest. We are both really tired of being stuck in the hotel. We know it will be a pain there won't be a refrigerator until Tuesday and there won't be any form of a kitchen until next week, fingers crossed.

Overall the work is about 65% done, though that is probably the level of workmanship as well. We have been using one of our roommates friends, that's a contractor, I have nothing against friends. It's just I have learned from my Dad's lessons that things never turn out the way you want when a friend does it. It's all about competitive bids and references. Yes, he's cutting us a break on cost but you get what you pay for. Maybe with us back in the house they will get the feeling that they are under a watchful eye.

I'm going to spend time over there tomorrow cleaning things upstairs to make it live-able. Right now there is a lot of dust and things are everywhere. I also need to start clearing a way for the HVAC contractor so they can replace those systems. Once that is done the house is going to be a lot greener. I take those long awaited photos tomorrow so you can see the progress that has been made over the last few weeks.

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Seth said...

Good to hear things are moving along steadily.


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