Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Progress Report 2

Well it's been a few weeks since my last post sorry about that. Update on the house is that the insulation should be finished today, drywall is mostly done through out the house. The Kitchen is a blank canvas waiting on new cupboards and appliances. The appliances have been purchased I just can't remember when they are going to be delivered.

My insurance company has settled, I didn't get exactly what I hoped but it will do, so we have been looking at new furniture. Already looked at Lazy-boy and Basset we found couches at both that we liked, next is Crate and Barrel. I have my eye on a couple there Ryan just needs to take them for a test run. Since I work there and get a nice discount I'm leaning for there. Ryan thinks they are to expensive, but C&B looks to be cheaper than the other two that I mentioned. The main deciding factor will be the time lag on delivery. We both want the stuff sooner than later we really want to be back in the house in a week or so. But that will all depend on the contractors and how fast they get moving.
I'll try to get some new pictures of the house on Thursday and I'll have them posted. But for now I know I owe you guys some eye candy to glare at maybe tomorrow. But for today here are a few photos that I have taken.

Charleston, SC.

Morning Dew

Bird in Flight (Charleston, SC)

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