Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Boys of October

Back in April (Play Ball!!)I made some predictions and then amend those in July (MLB Midseason Report), on how the Major League Baseball season would end up. After watching what had to been one of the best baseball games ever last night between the Twins and Tigers, today I wanted to do a wrap up.

In the American League; I had the Yankees in the East ☑, in the Central I had the Twins ☑, the West I had the Angels ☑ and finally the wildcard I had the Red Sox ☑. During my midseason I did have the central as a toss up which it was going into last nights one game playoff between Minnesota and Detroit. Which really provide why both of those teams deserved to be there. It end up being a 12 inning nail biter. So now the Twins will face the Yankees in the first round tonight and the Red Sox will play the Angels on Friday.

Now for the National League; I had the Phillies in the East ☑ (no surprise there), in the Central I had the Cubs X (One wrong answer) its the Cardinals, In the West its the Dodgers ☑ (agian, No Surprise) and finally the Wild Card is the Rockies (another wrong answer). So I didn't do as well in the NL as I did in the AL, the Cubs screwed me up, but in my defense I did have the Cardinals in the playoffs and the in my Midseason report I had the Rockies as a team to watch. Tonight in the NL the Rockies and Phillies will play and then the Cardinals and Dodgers will play the late game on the West coast.

Tonight the playoffs begin, with a best of 5 games in the first round and then that moves to best of 7. In the first round I would love to see the Twins continue their roll, but the Yankees were the best team in baseball in the second half of the season and I think they will be a shoe in for the win in the series. As for the Red Sox and Angels I figure it will go 5 games so it's a toss up, but I'll go with the my team the Red Sox.

In the National league the Phillies will take it in 4 games and the Cardinals will also take it in 4 games. The Dodgers were the best team in Baseball until the all-star break and then just collapsed. They shouldn't have let Manny come back they were better off with out him.
All in all I didn't that bad. For the playoffs I'm really going to have to go out on a limb here and say the Yankees in the AL. In the NL its probably going to be the Phillies. So those are my predictions for the play offs, I would not use these for gambling since I make no guarantees.

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