Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Progress Report 1

Things are progressing around the house. All of the wet drywall has been cut out and the insulation has been removed. There have been driers and fans running for 5 days now, so most of the smell has dissipated, but it is still there at least I can smell it. There is supposed to be someone coming to spray anti-fungal and mold stuff on the walls.

Today FEMA was out at the house taking our info to see if we qualify for any kind of aid. It was kind of funny the Rep looked like James May from Top Gear and even had the British accent. Though he looked like James May was a total turn off and I love a cute guy with accent ;-) I guess in a week or so we find out if they help us out with anything. Also today we had an arborist at the house to cut down an tree in the backyard that had started to up-root and too close to the house.

On Thursday my property insurance rep will be out at the house. I don't know what he is going to see since all of the damaged crap has been sent off to the landfill. There is still one dumpster in the driveway but has mostly construction debris in it. I he said he wanted to go over the list of junk (see previous post).

All in all its good to see that progress has been made even though its only been a week. I guess the contractor says everything will be back to normal in 40 days. He and his team are going to start on Friday. We will just have to wait and see, but its nice to see less mud everywhere.

PS I'll post some more photo soon, maybe tomorrow.

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Pilgrim said...

And who pays for all the damage? Propz Pilgrim

rob02190 said...

We have had to pay some to get the balls rolling. We have flood and personal property insurances which will reimburse us and give us money for replacement. I'm not sure if it would be replacement costs or current value for personal property. The flood insurance will pay for most structural repairs.

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