Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mother Nature You Bitch!

From Flooding Sept 2009

Things are crazy here so my postings maybe become less frequent over the next month or so. As I'm sure many of you outside of Atlanta have heard there has been sever flooding in the area. I have succumbed to be placed in the group of victims.

I went to bed Sunday night at 1AM it was raining but everything looked fine.
At 2AM I woke up to take a piss and looked out on to the back yard to find water had infiltrated the back yard and was at the patio. I immediately woke up Ryan and our roommate. We the sprang into defense mode securing the pets safety and rushing around like nut cases grabbing what ever we could. We saved a good bit of personally belongings, but we couldn't get everything. Even some of the things that we moved to a safe height only to find out it wasn't high enough.

By 3am we took the pets to the neighbors Erin and Earl. From there I went to check on our next door neighbors which I started to see moving around. They didn't need any help, but the probably should have taken us up on the offer the water was rising quickly. By 330AM it was at a foot. At 20 minutes later it was at 2ft and end up settling at 27 inches.

Ryan and I went up back up to the neighbors and talked and tried to calm down. We end up trying to get some sleep but we only layed there. By the time we got up at 7am and went back to the house the water had started to recede. We started the process of calling insurance companies and cleaning things up as best we could.

Mind you it was still sprinkling out it never really stopped. At about 9am more torrential downpours. The water strated to rise again for a second time, by noon time the water was at about 24" just shy of the first water mark. The rain kept coming this time it didn't receed until the next morning.

We've baorded the dog so he's safe and being fed, the cat is still with up at E and E's house. They have been great and we are going to have do something nice for them once we have some semblance of normalcy in our lives.

As it stands today Ryan and I are Extendstay, roommate has found his own living arrangements. Serves Pro has removed all the flooring and sucked up most of the water. We are waiting on them to come back with dehumidifiers and fans to air out the house. The Adjuster for the flood policy has come out and just left a matter of fact. Now we need to find contrators to bring us back to where we were before all of this happened.

I'll try to mark the progress that is made as the weeks and days go by.

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