Friday, September 11, 2009

Go Dawgs

No matter what the calendar says its pretty much fall in America. School is back in session and that means college football. Growing up in New England the only real contender you had to cheer for out of all of the school that even had a chance for any type of bowl game was BC. Bleck! So I always rooted for PSU "Go Lions!!!"
But I now live in Georgia and I have to say that after seeing this photo of the QB Joe Cox I may have to switch my loyalty to UGA's Dawgs.

First I have to say that Joe is looking pretty fit. He is also sporting a nice bulge here in the photo, which really stands out since he doesn't have any pads in his pants. You have to love Lycra. Thank you DuPont ;-) Oh and you can't forget those arms and his bright red hair. Yum. So I guess for this season the lions will not have my attention,
Sorry Joe.

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