Friday, September 25, 2009

Damage Report

We are moving right along with the clean up, it has been a lot slower than we would have liked. If you live in the Atlanta area and get flooded DO NOT CALL Serv Pro of CHamblee Dunwoody They SUCK ASS!!!

We spent all day yesterday cutting out dry wall and pulling soggy insulation. Today will be my first day back to work I'm working 1-9 tonight. Right now I'm waiting on a AC company to write up a quote the units. We have had so many contractors here I have lost track who is who, I'm glad that Ryan is coordinating that.
I just submitted my damage report to my insurance company, which you'll see below.

Item Model # MSRP Year Purchased
Nikon 35mm Camera N60 $420. 1999
35-70mm Lens Unk $260. 1999
70-200mm Lens Ukn $300. 1999
Camera Bag Ukn $30. 2003
Lens filter kit Ukn $65. 2001
"Compaq Presario; AMD Athlon 64 (2.4GHz) R4000 $1607. 2005
Merrell Hiking Boots Merrell $125. 2008
Adidas running shoes Adidas Response $120. 2008
13 Books (4 College Textbooks, 5 Cookbooks, 4 Novels) Unk $520. 2007-2009
Giro Bike Helmet Giro $80. 2007
Couch Sofa Express $849. 2005
Leather Recliner Tracy $1599. 2008
Indoor Grill delongi $120. 2005
Food Processor Cuisnart $179. 2004
Leather Dress Shoes Clark $85. 2006
Leather Dress shoes dr. Marten $95. 2004
Laptop Messenger Bag Tmbuk2 $100. 2003
Ipod nano $119. 2007
APC back ups es350va $50. 2008
42" 2-door Cabinet ukn $249. 2005

I wish that I had the receipt for most of these things but I don't. I tried for find some but after a few years who saves receipts. I know I am probably over looking somethings but I haven't been able to think clearly.

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Pilgrim said...

Hehe, it was great to read, but at lsst my conclusion was wrong. Propz Pilgrim

Seth said...

Oh man, I am so sorry to hear about that. Flood damage sucks. I hope you can get everything settled out, cleaned up, and back on track.


Anonymous said...

I only learned about your troubles from Seth - you have buckets of sympathy from us here.

Mercifully we live in a place it would be almost impossible to flood but we have locations in the UK which get this torment too, so it's not unknown here either.

Good luck with it all.

rob02190 said...

Guys thank you for the support and friendship. Pilgrim what was your conclusion?

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