Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Working Weekend

Damn what a weekend. I worked all weekend and it was pretty crazy. It was tax-free weekend here in Georgia, not that we really had anything that qualified at the Crate, just a lunch bag. Which is pretty cool I picked one up for myself I think it was $7 dollars after my discount. It if insulated and a lot better than the Kroger bags that was using. On top of being a duty-free weekend, we had inventory on Sunday. This was the first one that I was not directly involved in, I was the opening manager on Saturday and only manager on Sunday.

The store was busy and I was running around like a chicken that had it's head lobed off. By the time it was time to go home yesterday my feet were aching from walking and running around. They haven't hurt this bad since I was in the navy. So today I'm just going to throw them up on the ottoman and be a slug all day. I should cut the grass but it will wait until Thursday.

Yesterday I started my next chapter at the Crate, I'm no longer going to be doing inventory control, I've moved to department head, but will continue as night manager. It's not a big test I'll be taking on gadgets in the gourmet section. It seems kind of menial, but I had been asking and offering to help with departments since I had transferred to store in 2004. Final after all that time I get my chance.

I am finally starting to reap the harvest from the garden the tomatoes I've been picking for a week or so, Sunday I picked 2 yellow squashes and today a cucumber. I also noticed that there are few more yellow squashes and zucchinis that should be ready in couple of weeks. All of the pepper plants died I don't know if it was fungal or insects but they are dead. The carrots are growing and on the surface look okay, I've never tried them before so I'm not sure what to expect.

Now that you have read through all of the boring crap about my life and work, here are a couple of hotties as a reward. ;-)

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