Saturday, August 08, 2009

Incompetent thief

This just makes you go WTF! Ryan forwarded this posting he found on craigslist. It's funny but sad as well. I really hope that these dumbfucks leave this guy alone. It also makes you ask, Where are the Atlanta police? I know it's just a destruction of property or vandalism, and the police have more important things to investigate. But seriously these guys can't be that difficult to catch, it's obvious they that the are fucking stupid. These are a prime example of individuals that have polluted the gene-pool, maybe some will give these fools a couple bottle of Chlorine.
My heart really goes out to the guy who owns this van.

Incompetent thief... let me help you. - m4m - 34 (Grant Park)

Date: 2009-08-07, 7:28PM EDT

It's obvious by now you've has a crush on me and for five weeks, but just don't know how to properly express it to me. First, you broke out my back window at the Earl... but got cold feet and didn't steal anything. Then you tried to drill out my ignition at the King Memorial MARTA Station. I'm guessing you're new at this whole dating thing, because you couldn't close the deal. You messed up the ignition enough to cost me a thousand dollars, but couldn't get the car started because you couldn't bypass the sentry key system. Not two weeks later, you're back AGAIN... and this time tried popping the ignition out AGAIN... and here I am pulling out another grand... AGAIN... because your dumb ass can't fucking follow through.

I'm not even going to go into the fact that you keep trying to steal a modified handicapped accessible van... like that's not really going to stand out on the road or in a chop shop. I'm praying to god you're a thief in a wheelchair and this is the only car you can get into. Or maybe you're a thug with a heart of gold that is trying to get some wheels to get his grandmother around. Or maybe you're just retarded... and I'm guessing aren't too good at this whole being a thief thing.

Your incompetence is costing me a a ton of time and money... JUST STEAL THE FUCKING CAR. If you steal the car I can get the whole thing replaced a lot faster than just getting a new ignition.

So, look. Come over. I'll buy you some 40's and crack... we'll watch youtube videos on how to bypass sentry key systems. My treat.

  • Location: Grant Park
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