Monday, July 20, 2009

Walter Cronkite And The Lunar Landing

Today is the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11 Moon Landing and I can't think of a more fitting way to commemorate that event then hearing the late Walter Cronkite reflect upon it. As I'm sure you had heard by now on Friday CBS reporter Walter Cronkite had past way, he was 92. I think this is the right tribute for both events, I grew up watching his reports. To his family I send my respect and sorrow for their loss, Rest in Peace Mr. Cronkite, you will surely be missed.
I was to young to see the men of Apollo 11 take that giant leap for mankind. I would only be 5 months old when they stepped out of the lander. So I want to thanks Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins for taking the risk and helping every boy dream. "The Eagle has Landed!" and in the word of Walter when he was reporting on the hearing that last phrase "WOW".

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Pilgrim said...

I watched it yesterday on a history channel,and it was like my first time I´ve seen the Eagle land in lifetime. Propz Pilgrim

Bayard said...

Wow really is the word! it is a monumental day! There is lots of fun stuff about exploring the moon at plus a special project to design your own space mission patch - If you have a go you will get an official Certificate of Flight, which is a special souvenir of the International Year of Astronomy. Good blogging with you :-)

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