Thursday, July 09, 2009

Little News is good News

Damn I have to say I haven't missed watching the news since MJ's death, I have cut out watching all US media outlets with the exception of ESPN. I have gotten all of my news from NPR, BBC America's World News and the Internet. I did turn on CNN this morning but quickly changed it, I have come to realization that their anchor staff sucks. I have no examples I just couldn't listen to them anymore it was that quick. They just sounded stupid and this coming from someone that was a loyal everyday viewer. I had noticed even before MJ's death they seemed more concerned with celebrities than world or US events. Now this is not going to get me switch to Fox because I'd just end up throwing things at the TV and they are not much better. Granted with the BBC I do have to figure out what the hell cricket actually is beside a bug in the yard, oh I how can I forget football leagues at least I know how that game is played. Surprisingly the BBC actually does report on the scores of the day's MLB games which CNN never does. I think CNN just lost a fan.

While thinking more about last night I do have a few examples. One afternoon I had tuned into CNN because there was nothing else on TV. I found rather stupid when the host was spending more time reading comments from his Twitter feed and facebook page. Come on give me a frigg'n break. Does anyone really care what people are posting on your social networks? It's not news, and this was in June when the Iranian elections riots were going on. He was not reading from the feeds of those Iranians involved in protests but from his own feed. I would rather read from those than his own. Twitter is cool in some respects but lets face it they are only 140 characters of random thoughts and shorthand.

So that is one example why CNN lost a viewer and I was news addict. It was the first channel I would turn to in the AM.Another is on CNN-HLN which I used watch for those quick news updated but after an hour it's just a repeat, so it really gets old. I stopped tuning into them when at 10AM they started broadcasting some celebrity show, you know those ones where they let you know what Paris Hilton did in a drunken stuper last night or who is screwing who. For myself this is not new, I don't give a shit. Why is that in America people tend to drop everything when some celebrity stepped into the room. He'll most of they don't want the coverage and most of it is just rumors and bullshit. So for now it will be BBC America but they only have news from 6-9AM, after that I'm screwed. Maybe I'll give MSNBC a try and see if they are any better but I'm not going to hold my breath.

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