Sunday, May 17, 2009

They're on to Us, Quick change

Nothing is more humorous than going through your morning email and finding something that the SPAM filter had missed. But wait this looks different, could it be offical? Hell no! The scammers just have a new tactic, I guess they figure if a photo is included it might be more believable. LOL They have got to be kidding me, just remember if you get one of these just delete. I know I have never been to Spain, so I really doubt that I have entered any Spanish lottery. Is there even a lottery in Spain?

Contact immediately
From: "" (*Red Flag* notice the .it, um that is Italy, why would someone from Italy be contacting you about winning a Spanish Lottery)
To:(I guess there are to many to list, probably a robo-emailer)
Subject: Spanish euro million lottery
Attachment: winning notice letter.jpg (282KB)

Attached here is your Spanish euro million lottery winning notice
letter, to begin your claim, kindly contact your claim agent with his
information on the winning letter

Or send your responce to his

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