Saturday, May 09, 2009

See ya in week I'll be Offline

Hey All, I just wanted to let you know that Ryan an I are off to Charleston tomorrow, hoping to leave before lunch and get there in time to check in. I doubt I'll be posting much while we are there, though I have a couple of drafts saved up that I may release while I'm away. I will have my laptop with me I just don't think I will be posting. If you are curious what we are up to I would keep an eye on my Facebook page or follow me on twitter.
I just know that I'm ready for a vacation, especially after today. First person at Crate that offered assistance to was a complete bitch. She was just mean and evil, probably a damn republican on too boot. Then I was spoken to by my manager because I did a favor for another employee, so much for being nice. It piss me off sometimes when some people can do things and when I do a similar act, I'm left feeling like a kicked dog. Then we were short-handed during the closing shift, which was not good the day before mothers day. I know we cut back on staff hours but there are certain times of the year that a couple of extra hand should have been added. Overall I was having a pretty crappy day. Enough Said.

Well to all of the mothers out there I hope you have a Happy Mothers Day.

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