Friday, May 22, 2009

Middleton Plantation

I hope that everyone has a safe Memorial weekend, unfortunately I have to work tomorrow and again on Monday so my weekend will consist of Sunday. In case the weather is bad or you are just bored, will I upload some more photos from my trip last week to flickr. Here are select few of my favorites from the set. I think these are all digital scans from my negatives. Enjoy

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fake consultant said...

i became aware of your blog because one of my postings at the bilerico project was linked through here, and i have a suggestion for you that will be coming completely out of left field...but here goes:

i post to numerous "political gathering" sites around the country, including left in alabama, north carolina's bluenc, and texas kaos.

sadly, no such site exists in georgia...and what with you having a political science backgound...have you ever considered taking on such a project?

there's money available, with the dnc, the dncc, and others more than anxious to advertise on such sites.

this would be a great alternative to working for a campaign--and also a great way to build a georgia power base, as marcos and others have done on a national level.

the timing is great too, with a very interesting '10 electoral cycle just about to really heat up.

so there you go, and i hope you'll give it some thought.

one last comment: i live on the wet side of the cascade mountains of washington state, and we have had far less lovely weather for several days now than you had at the plantation...and we are jealous.

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