Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rest in Peace Bea

I just want to send out my best wishes and thoughts to the family and friends of Bea Arthur. I really never got into Golden Girls and I was to young for Maude. But, I had admired her because she had great timing and wit.

Beatrice Arthur who died peacefully at her Los Angeles home with her family at her side Saturday at 86 (she was born Bernice Frankel on May 13, 1923), was an actress and comedienne with a distinctive deep voice and acid wit. She was the winner of two Emmy Awards for her starring roles on classic sitcoms "Maude" and "The Golden Girls".

Bea was born in New York City, but she grew up in Maryland. She became a medical technologist before World War II, when she volunteered for the U.S. Marine Corps, becoming one of its first female recruits.

To see her full filmography and Bio I recommend checking out here

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Aaron said...

i was sad when i heard the news about bea. ive always liked the golden girls i think every gay boy does. thank god we have reruns and if most are like me have them on dvd! rip bea say hey to estelle for us! thanks for being a friend!

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