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Today marks the opening of the 2009 Baseball season so I figured I'd give you my predictions for this year. Yeah, go figure a gay man's opinion on a sports league, I guess you will have to get over it.

Lets start with the American League East, damn tough division to find yourself in unless you are the Red Sox, Yankees or Rays, lower rungs of the ladder will be Orioles and Blue Jays. They really need to pay attention to that old adage "the early bird gets the worm" these two must have over slept. Corny I know but it is so true.

In the East I look too see the Yankees on top. Damn, did I just say that? I guess I did, but they did some serious upgrading to their pitching staff and Mark Teixeria should make up for the loss of A-roid early on. Second place and the AL Wild card will be the Red Sox. But if either of these two stumble or are plagued by injuries Tampa will quickly fill their shoes. It will probably be a nail biter this season if any of these three teams are yours.

The AL Central will have the Twins and a close second will be the Indians. I think the twins will be an interesting team to watch they are a young team with a lot of talent. Sorry President Obama but the White Sox don't have a chance in hell, maybe next year.

Now for the AL West which is the weakest division in the league once you get past the Angels there isn't much left. So yeah the Angels will lead the division once again. I don't see them getting any past whom ever they have to face in the AL Playoffs.

Next, looking to the National League, The East in the NL mirrors the AL they are stacked at the top and who ever trips or missed picking up that piece in the off season is the division's whipping boy. Yeah National fans I'm looking your way, damn it must suck being a baseball fan in the Mid-Atlantic all you have to root for are the Nats and Orioles. Anyway I see the Phillies repeating their place at the show again this year. Mets will once again start their implosion in August, though Wright and Santana are players to watch. The Braves will finish third, they really need Hudson back, next year will be a good year for the Braves.

Moving on to the NL Central the Cubs all the way. Second will be round out by The Cardinals and they should fill the NL wild card, sorry but remember the Mets imploded.

Last and final division is the NL West all you have to do is look at LA, they should dominate the top. But I would watch the Rockies and Diamond Backs to battle it out all season for second. Both teams have some great examples of youth and talent. Diamond back have a great pitching staff and could give LA a run for there money especially is Manny is up to his old antics.

In closing let me round up my predictions; AL East Yankees, AL Central Twins, AL West Angels, and the AL Wild card Red Sox. The team to watch is Tampa they will be fun this season and really have something to prove.

In the NL East Phillies, NL Central Cubs, NL West Dodgers look for the Cardinals to be the Wild card but they better watch out for the Diamond Backs.

I guess will have to check back in September to see how I did. I do have to add this disclaimer that I am not responsible for any lost revenue because you were stupid and made a wager that you couldn't cover. That is between you and your bookie if you are making a wager based on these than you deserve the broken legs, but if you do win please send me 10% in appreciation :-)

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