Sunday, April 12, 2009

MARTA - An Endangered Species

The dimwits under the gold dome continue to fail to support MARTA the public transportation system here in Atlanta. They do not care that people it will hurt most by cutting public transit are city's; elderly, low income and the overall growth of the community at large. Since so many of the dimwitted gold dome dwellers are Republican and from the rural sticks of Georgia they do not understand the sensibility of a mass transit. They only think that it will spread crime and undesirables to their outlying communities. They are perfectly happy with driving around Atlanta in their H3 gas hogs and could careless about the air quality of the city. So their plan is not to support MARTA and let the city suffer.

In a show of solidarity organizers have set up a Ride MARTA Day ( or check them out here set for this Friday April 17, 2009

MARTA has set up a site with a survey where you can show how these changes would effect you (If you don't ride MARTA think of how it would effect you friends, family and Co-workers)

Also I would check out the facebook group Save MARTA!

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