Friday, March 27, 2009

A Wet Friday

Wet UA, originally uploaded by Rabid_Rabbit.

It's been a really wet week in the US. Could someone please twitter Mother Nature and tell her "That it's Spring and enough with the Blizzards and flooding!" But seriously, my heart really goes out to all of the residents of Fargo and vicinity. Having been through a flood back in 2004 I know how devastating it can be to property and the psyche. Granted it was minor and we were able to recover rather quickly and it was nothing like what they are experiencing right now. If you are looking to help the victims in North Dakota out I recommend going to website.

Here in Atlanta we have been under a flood watch as well but I took a quick look at the near by river and we look to be okay. The rain here is blessing and its a sure sign that we may have finally shaken the drought that has gripped the North Georgia area. I haven't seen how the levels are at Lake Lanier but I'm sure they must be head back to normal.

I hope everyone is okay and has a great weekend. Oh yeah is he Hot ;-)

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