Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Octuplet Con

You knew this was coming, at least I fully expected it. The woman in California that had the litter a month ago has now hired a publicist. She has a website looking for your money and she is also looking for book deals and hand out to help feed the mouths of her 14 kids. It's ridiculous, the state really needs to have this person examined, and she has no income, severely in debt and is supposedly disabled. So how is a single mother going to be able to care, feed and clothe 14 children? I hate to see the worst in people but I really feel that she had these kids with the full intent to cash in. It had nothing to do with loving children, it just a well orchestrated con to seek a windfall from having 14 kids. I really find it to be despicable that someone would use kids to this extent.
I'm sorry if you disagree with me or find my comments disheartening. Let’s face it the California medical board is investigating the fertility treatment on why so many embryos were implanted in the first place. The medical community has said that it is unprecedented to implant so many embryos into a woman of her age with no preexisting reasons. I truly believe that this is one big con; this woman saw "John and Kate + 8" and saw that as her meal ticket. I just find that she is using these kids. I have no sympathy for her and I don't think any corporation or person should give this woman a dime. I hate to have the children suffer for their mother's greed and misguidance, but I think the state should be taking these kids. After all we as taxpayers are going to be the ones left paying the bills.

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