Friday, February 13, 2009

Getting Hot In Florida

Spring is approaching, I can feel things are starting to heat up down in Florida. The Red Sox Pitcher and Catchers (I always develop a smile see that) have started training for season Opener in April. There are a lot of hot players out there but here are a few hotties from the Red Sox. Nothing beats young prospects that come up through the farm system and make it to the big show. These three have to be a few of the hottest guys out there, I just hope that they hang around for a while and are not traded. The Yankees can buy all the players they want but it just shows that they can not develop players that make a difference. Injuries as we all know can happen at any time to stars players. If the Red Sox did not have these guys last year the season would have been a total bust. These guys stepped up and help the Red Sox make the play-offs. But it was Tampa Bay that has one of the best farm systems in baseball that made it to the World Series.

Justin Masterson

Clay Buchholz

Jon Lester

1 comment:

The Bumbles said...

WHERE is your picture of Jacoby?!

We are excited for Spring Training since it means there is melting at the end of the snow tunnel.

The Sox' pitching staff looks to be stacked - I am even encouraged by the possiblity of their bullpen maneuvers this off season.

Yay Spring!!!

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