Thursday, January 29, 2009

People Cause Lines

Bureaucracy(n) A government establishment involving many lines design to make people wait, just to find out they need to wait in another line.

Well I sent my day off today running down the chores that come around every year. I Had first go and renew my drivers licence, that was a chore in itself. It wasn't the worst experience of my life just time consuming. The main hold up during the course of the day was getting through the information line to get a number to wait in the actual line. This initial line took over an hour to go through. The wait to get the license and photo took all of 20 mins.
Now I'm not saying that the person at the information desk was slow she wasn't. She was actually quite pleasant, I don't think I would be if I had her job. What took so long were all of the stupid people that didn't have their shit together to conduct their business. A prime example was this one woman that would shut up while the clerk tried to tell her what she need to do to rectify the problem she had. The bitch just wouldn't shut up and listen. It wasn't like she was Selma and Patty from the Simpson's, she was trying to help. She even called over a supervisor to explain and the woman just keep on gibber jabbering. Damn people are ignorant. So this one person held up 20 which end up becoming 40 or more by the time I had finished and left. This woman was still there and still causing problems, they should have called the police and had her hauled off.

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