Friday, October 03, 2008

VP Debate

I watched the debate last night over my better judgment. I say that because I'm voting for the President, not the Vice President, so they have little to do with my decision.
Now, I have to admit I was curious about Gov. Sarah Palin and I had little to go beside what I read on her Wikipedia page. I really have to say she is an ignoramus; she spoke to us like we are all a bunch of hicks. I was offended by being called "Joe six-pack" over and over again, does she really think that we are all that simple. I'm not one of her white trash hunting buddies from Alaska. It was like listening to Bush, did he coach her?
Next, I didn't like that many time last night she did not give a straight answer to some questions, only to give us talking points. The next issue I have I don't care how many times she and John McCain say it he nor she are "MAVERICKs", John McCain has not been a maverick in 10 years. When John McCain sold himself to the devil which is the Republican Party especially the religious segment of the right, he lost his Maverick status.
Overall she did better than I expected, but when you expectations were low to begin with it's easy to get a better grade.

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