Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Georgia Residents It's Last Call

Okay everyone this is your last chance to register to vote for the state of Georgia (Monday October 6th, 2008), if you live else where please check with you local or state government regarding it's deadlines. I will never tell anyone whom they should vote for, you know who I favor. But hey I understand my choice may not rock your socks. All I ask is that you make the effort, it takes about 30 minutes depending on your polling place. Here in Georgia the polls are already open for early voting, just check with you county for the polling places. If for some reason the links do not work the URL are at the bottom of this post.

Don't Let Those Words Be Heard By Your Friends on Election Day!

Make sure your friends and family are Registered to Vote in Georgia by the deadline - Monday October 6th! FORWARD THIS EMAIL! Here are some Important Links and other Resources from our Friends at Don't Wait in '08 to help you:


Check Your Own Registration Status Here

Click Here to learn What ID you will need to vote

Click Here if you want to Vote Early

Click Here if you need to vote absentee (by mail)

You can forward to your friends - Click Here - They can fill out and print their voter registration form. It must be mailed before Monday, October 6th!!







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