Friday, August 01, 2008

Manny Is Gone!?

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Yesterday the Boston Red Sox trade outfielder Manny Ramirez in a three team deal involved with sending Craig Hansen (P) and Brandon Moss (OF) to the Pittsburgh. In addition they receive Andy La Roche (3B) and Bryan Morris (P) from LA. Overall I'd have to say the Red Sox's not gaining anything with this trade besides a little mental peace of their own. As a Red Sox's fan I hate to see Manny go, however his childish "Manny being Manny" antics were getting a bit old. Yes, they gained a better fielder and very good hitter, but not as good as Manny. Now that Jason is in a better line up maybe he'll receive some better quality pitches. I don't think this will make the Red Sox a better team and I don't think their chances for a repeat improved any, this year. On the West coast maybe Manny will be more at home, and I hope that he signs with LA in the off season. Manny will now be a free agent in the fall, I just don't want to see him in NY Pinstripes.

Looking at this trade, LA improved their line up and will probably see the impact going into the post-season. The overall winner looks to be Pittsburgh, they free up $12M in payroll and gain 4 young players. In baseball that is never a bad thing when you can add talent options. Only thing I can say is that I'm glad the Red Sox got player in exchange Manny, I would have hated to see the Red Sox not pick up his option and just let him walk. There is nothing worse than seeing a player leave in free agency and not getting any thing for them.

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