Monday, June 09, 2008

Where the Hell Are we??

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I actually do know where I am and really doesn't have anything to do with the photo. I saw the DR today and he cleared me to go back to work after Wednesday, but there are a few limitations. No lifting, pulling or pushing over 10lbs. for a month, which could be hard because I usually do a lot of that at work. The hardest part of it is just stopping myself from doing one of those, which I may do just subconsciously. So I still have a couple of days to let my body relax.

On the way to the DR this morning I noticed gas is hovering right around $4.05 a gallon and on top of the temperature was 95 degrees in the shade. This is in June, up and down the East Coast, this is unreal for the second week of month and the Summer hasn't even started yet. But don't worry the about these King George is off to the EU, I hope they scold the hell out of him.

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