Saturday, June 07, 2008

Time to Unite as Hillary steps aside

The Democratic primary season ended on Tuesday and Barack Obama has a lock on the nomination, which has had me pretty excited. But I understand that many are not as joyful, since he was not everyone's candidate and many Hillary supporters are feeling snubbed right now. I congratulate her on a hard tough fight and she is a worthy opponent. It is to those supporters that I am reaching out to today, I have heard stories that many of Hillary's supporters are going to cross party lines and I find this very disturbing. How can a Democrat cross the party and ultimately their candidate? Hillary has given her all to the party, and to her campaign only to watch her supporters back John McCain. I do not think that is what she would want, I'm sure that is the last thing she would approve of. I know if the table had been turned and Hillary had won the nomination I would not support John McCain just to see Hillary loose. I would vote for the party, for I am a Democrat at heart and they hold my values.

John McCain will only extend the Bush presidency and policies. These are the things that Hillary has campaigned against and she like Obama wants to free the country from the likes of these two. They want to ensure that country is progressive and not stagnant. It's time to work together to remove the bad air that has been occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Ave for the last 8 years, this has gone on long enough.

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