Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Man meets Nature

WIre flower, originally uploaded by rob02190.

This weather is completely ridiculous flooding in the plains and continuing drought here the Southeast. I see all the rain falling and flooding in away I'm kind of envious, not with their flooding but of the rain. The flooding is terrible and having gone through that in 2004 I wouldn't wish that on anyone, my heart really goes out to them in that regard. But, I think the last time it rained here in Georgia was two maybe three weeks ago, and there is none forecast in the foreseeable future. To top all of that off when we did have some rain earlier in the the year our Dumbass of a Governor Sonny Perdue relaxed state watering restrictions, because Lake Lanier 's water level rose an inch.

But since then there have only been trace amounts at best and unless we have a tropical storm or a hurricane hit there probably won't be much to rely on. I'm just waiting to see if the fat dumbass pulls his head out of the hole before for the lake runs dry. We have been doing our part and haven't water much of anything except some vegetables, and have only used the ole watering can. No crazy sprinkler that waters everything but what you had intended. I just wish we could get some of that rain from Iowa to relieve us from the third day of our mini-heatwave, it 93 in the shade, there has been a little breeze.

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