Thursday, June 05, 2008

Recovery in progress

I'm still in relaxation mode hoping that will speed along my recovery. Though I hate the Idea of just laying around all day, I need to be doing something. Sloth, just does not come natural for me. I did do a small load laundry just to help out a bit around the house. I don't want to put everything on Ryan's shoulders but he has been great, but at the same time I kind of feel guilty that he is doing everything around the house and I'm sitting on my butt.

I did some work with my photos that have been waiting on me to pay them some attention. I did some editing have been uploading few each day to my flickr account ( ) I want to make sure that I have something to look forward to each day. I'll post a few more in a few seconds. But, first I have to let you know how lucky I am It seems that I won the lotto I just got this email I can't wait to claim my prize. See here's my proof:
This Email is to inform you that you emerged a winner of
£2,000,000.00 POUNDS, on our online draws which was played on
the 2nd June, 2008. For further Information about your
Winnings, contact our Lottery Fiduciary Agent with the
following contact Address below.

Name: Mr. Mark Johnson.
E-mail Address:-( SCAMMER AT LARGE

Sir. Smith Berger.
Co-ordinator(2008 Online Promo Programme)
I really can't believe people fall for this crap. First, the last lottery I entered was Mega-Millions which I would claim from the Georgia state Lottery commission. Secondly, I have never been to the United Kingdom so I could never win a prize that was awarded in the British Pound. I understand that people need something to raise their hopes, but people use your common sense. Now this isn't as colorful as the ones you get from Nigeria or S. Africa, but why would you even reply to this crap, how gullible are American People. Anyway I didn't win nor did I reply to such bullshit, just as a wind of warning if you ever get one of these just hit the damn SPAM button on email program. Okay here are a few more photos...



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