Friday, March 14, 2008

Music South by Southwest Festival

Yeah I know it's been a month since I had last posted. Things are back to balancing time with work and school. I did go back to Boston at the 29th - March 5th, it really wasn't enough time to do and see everything that I wanted to. I hung out with my Friend Matt and that was cool but I wish we could spent some more time together. But, my family pretty much engulfed the rest of my time there and it was good to see them all. I had some fun with my nieces Alyse and Sydney, I'll post some of the photos later this weekend or next week. Any who, to the real reason I wanted to post today...

I've been killing time on a rainy night looking over the The SXSW music festival in Austin,TX. There are some pretty amazing acts at this show and a lot of them have posted tracks that you can listen to and download. Oh yeah and they are free, no catches, pop ups or any crap like that. There is pretty much every imaginable genre of music you can think of. Any how I just wanted to share the pot of gold I found. The link is below it its well worth checking out if you like music and discovering new bands.

Happy St. Patrick's Day and weekend.

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