Sunday, November 04, 2007


As the events in Pakistan unfold it is obvious we do not need friends like these. Since Friday Musharraf has no intention to allow free elections to take place or step down as head of the military. He has stormed the Pakistan Supreme court, arrest hundreds of protesters and lawyers, suspended the constitution, seized control of the media, sand declared martial law in an effort to maintain his rule. As, King George has declared that he is a key ally in the "War on Terror", I can see why he is an expert at creating the "Atmosphere of Terror".
US needs to dump and run, Gen. Musharraf is no better than the rulers of Burma or Sudan.
I had looked at the world with optimism but lately I am becoming more pessimistic. I know only time will tell and maybe, just maybe the people in these countries will stand up to these oppressive authoritarian regimes. But this has not been the case and all I see is more backsliding.
However unlike Burma and Sudan, Pakistan a supposed friendly government of the US. But more and more Musharraf just looks like another Saddam. You remember that guy that supposedly was a threat to the world and had weapons of mass destruction. Though there is one key difference here and that is that Pakistan unlike Iran, does have nuclear weapons. They have been linked to to spreading nuclear technology to North Korea, Iran and Libya. They say that they are trying to control the Taliban, but have been linked to supporting them. This government is only our friend because we suit them and it is better than being listed as a rogue nation, which is what they truly are.
We need to cut our losses, funding, military assistance with Pakistan and turn our attention to improving our relations with India. Screw Pakistan!

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