Thursday, October 11, 2007

RadioHead - In Rainbows/In Rain_Bows

About a month ago was when I first had heard that Radiohead was going to release a new album and unconventionally. I went to the link from their homepage and signed up for the advance release via download. Now there was the option to make a payment for whatever amount that you wanted. Since I have been a longtime fan of the band I couldn’t just take the music that I enjoy for free.
Yesterday morning I received an email from the site with the coded link for my download. The first try I did have a problem and had to email them, but not soon after hitting send I had a reply and it worked like a champ. The 48.4 MB file downloaded in about a minute or so and after unzipping I was on my way.
Since then I have been listening to during my commute to and from school and during my break between classes. I do have to say it’s amazing and I think any fan will enjoy it. The quality is pretty good and the sound is very clear. The arraignments have that Radiohead sound that I love. My favorite tracks are Jigsaw Falling Into Place, Nude and Faust Arp. But, I didn't hear a bad track on the album.
So if you are fan I know you going to love it, if you have been a curious fan here is your opportunity to check them out. For myself this just another reason that I love Radiohead. I guess the record labels are starting to really worry, they are no longer needed and the artist can now be paid for thier labors of love. I just wonder if can get them to tour more often, I'd love to see them live.

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