Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Vick's Day is coming

I have been waiting and try not judge Michael Vick for the crimes that he is accused of. But with the latest developments it is looking like he will be pleading guilt to those charges. Unless the US Attorney and Vick cannot come to agreement on the punishment, I'm sure Vick is going to hope for the least amount of time because he thinks that he is special. Now if I were Vick I would be shaking in my boots, because right now he's looking at 3-6 years in prison plus a minimal fine considering his NFL contract.

I personally believe that he and his co-conspirators should be given the max. If they did what they have been accused of to those animals is inexcusable not to mention cruel. I'm not a fan of pit bulls or an animal activist, though I have had dogs and cats close by all of my life and I do care about how they are treated. In the wild what an animal does is pure instinct, they fight for their food, to protect their young and territory. Even the most vicious creatures such as the great white shark only attack humans because they think we are food.

The only thing I can compare what Vick and friends did is to the begining cruelty of a serial killer. They obviously have a strange obsession for violence, which may explain his career choice; maybe football was the only thing that prevented him from killing people. I know that humans are the most violent creatures on this planet and many of us feed off of these sports. This I can say that I am not exempt from, all of my life I have been an avid hockey fan and a passive football fan. So yes I guess I am a bit hypocritical but I have never killed an animal because it did not perform up to par or for kicks.

As a kid I did pull my cat's tail and I got scratched and I deserved it. When I played hockey as a kid I had my nose broken but I didn't go for blood,. My friend broke it, he felt worse than I did. It had been an accident; I was hit when he pulled back to take shot and took the blade across the bridge of my nose. As an adult I have never condoned fighting and I think that boxing is stupid. I have never been in a fight other than with words. Friends and I had been jumped once and beaten up, it happened so fast none of us knew what hit us or who did it. Though we do know that it was hate related and the Police could not help us accept with medical attention.

Through out my life abhorred violence and cruelty to humans and animals for kicks. I think that Vick if guilty deserves the maximum for those crimes. As for his NFL career, that would only would fuel his taste for violence and blood and he should NEVER be allowed to play a game again. He should seek out psychological help for this blood thirst he has before the next crime he is accused of is for killing a person. This is my 2 cents.

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