Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sick, Medicated and a Commitment

Posting regularly has become a chore for me lately and it is not because I haven't had anything to say. I just have been trying to be up beat and by not letting things in the news get me down. Trust me have been sharing options with friends at work and at home.

Just to bring you up to date, since Friday I have had this damn sinus infection, which I thought, was just hay fever from cutting the grass. Plain and simple I have felt like shit and the easiest way to describe it is someone has inflated a balloon in my head. I did finally sack taking Sudafed and Zyrtex to seek out professional help. I went to my doctor today and she put me on antibiotics, Rhinocort and gave me hand full of another decongestant.

While I was there I mentioned my failed attempt to quit smoking last year, a habit I really want to ditch. She is understanding and has never lectured me about my bad habit. I guess she just calls Ryan or my mother to do it for her. But after 12 years of navy medicine which trust me isn't the worst thing, but she makes it seem like it was. I have to say that Dr. Kimball rocks. She gave me encouragement and a prescription for Chantix which her other patients have had great success with. A couple of my friends had also recommended it, telling me that here husband had also had great success with it and he was a 3 pack a day person. Now, I don't smoke that much and I can't imagine ever doing that no matter how stressed or drunk I could be.

But, I have been smoking off and on for about 14+ years and I know that it is deadly to say the least. I want to quit and Ryan has been on my case to give it up. I'm going to get the prescription filled and I'm going to quit! You are going to help me at least I hope that you will. I need to read through the pamphlet that she gave me with the prescription to make sure that I'm doing everything correctly. Once I do that I'll post my quit date. I know I can do this and stick with it. Cigarettes do not control me and they will not any longer this is my life.

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