Monday, June 18, 2007

An Omen?

This morning before I went into the store I watch a Cicada emerge from it's old shell. Its old empty shell was now an ugly brown and dry, the new body was a vibrant green. Though the bug was kind of disoriented and sluggish it looked ready for it's new life.

As the morning progressed we all went through our normal Monday routine of checking in the truck and making sure all of the new fall merchandise found it's home. There was a call that there was a morning meeting up on the sales floor. We all thought it was a weekly wrap up of sales or something along those lines. Then Laura our store manager announces that she is leaving our store to go to another location as to be a Furniture store manager trainee. Next came the announcement that our assistant manager Patrice is also leaving to the same store but to take over as the houseware store manager at that location. Our store manager is going to be Matt from that store but we will not have an assistant or any manager trainees.

It took a me a bit to let it all set in and I'm still trying to figure out what brought on all of this change. Now I'm not worried about a new commander after having been in the Navy I have come to realize that I can and have out lived a manager or CO, however you want to describe them. I know there has been somewhat of an animosity since the Kranz sister moved along. I'm not saying that situation led up to this change, I'm not privy to such decisions and have not been asked by anyone what my take was.

All I do know is that I think we all felt like the bug, a bit disoriented and sluggish. I haven't decide if it's beautiful or not, I guess only time will tell. I have only met Matt a few times and seem nice but I've never had to work for him. But this is the other thing that I learned in the Navy, I have a job to do so no matter whom the boss is it needs to get done and it will. It would be nice to see Nikki back.

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