Sunday, June 10, 2007

The "New" AT&T and photos

This has been the week of connectivity hell. So much for the "NEW AT&T" it was more like the same song and dance. Around Tuesday we start to have problems with the DSL, which we thought may have been the modem, it wasn't. Ryan emailed them from work and told them the about the problem. A trouble ticket was generated and we were told that it would be fixed by 6pm Friday. Needless to say things only got worse. By the time 6pm rolled around there was no dial tone on the line and when there was, it had been drowned out by static.
Ryan gets home and calls AT&T to see what is going on. Well it seems that some tech in office in a far away land (not sure if they were local) had closed the ticket. A tech or a computer tested the line and it seemed okay, but they never called us or emailed as Ryan had requested. At this point the phone line was completely dead and now they say because of the ticket had been closed, the earliest it will be fixed is 6PM on Monday. Um What?
Today (Sunday), unexpectedly a lineman pulls up at 11AM. He climbs the pole and checks the line things seem good there. Goes up stairs to the attic, checks where it enters the house and the was nothing. He tells us the line from the house to the pole has failed, Duh I'm thinking.

About 45min later he has replaced the line, makes a few final checks everything is good and we have the Internet back. Huzzah, Huzzah, Huzzah! I have to say they did recover and came through well beyond the Monday deadline. However, if they had listen to there customer and sent a tech out on Wednesday or Thursday of last week it would have been fixed sooner. Having said all that, I was able to upload some more photos today. Enjoy...

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Cassie said...

Fabulous photos! I love them all, but I think the squirrel may be my favorite. What a funny and awesome photograph!

I hate AT&T. I ranted about them a few months ago over on my blog, and won't go into detail... but AT&T customer service is perhaps the worst I've ever dealt with. So many problems, so many phone calls, so many hours on hold, and I'm still getting the run around for rebates they promised when I signed up that haven't shown up yet. I mean, I've only waited 6 months! :)

Right, that wasn't supposed to go into detail. But, the moral is that AT&T is painfully horrible with it's service.

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