Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Hey All I know it's been few days maybe even a couple of weeks since I last posted, I can't remember. Well I was going to take a stroll with my camera to Midtown Atlanta today but that was put on hold until Thursday. Conditions just were not suitable with all of the smoke lingering around Downtown from the 50 or so fires that are burning across the state. These will probably only increase with the sale of Fireworks for the patriotic celebration of the 4th of July. These are always a must when under sever draught conditions and see how we haven't had a measurable rain since I don't know maybe November of 2006 and that there is none in foreseeable future you might as well say "Smoke while you got them."
Sorry for the sarcasm there but pretty much the states of Florida and Georgia are just one big kindling pile right now. Only hope we have is for a sizable Hurricane Season to get some must needed rain, unfortunately with all of the acres that have already burned this will only lead to flooding and erosion of topsoil.

I do have some good news though I found a cell phone that I want to have for my own. Now I just have to wait to see if it will (1) be released in the US and (2) be released with carrier that I want to do business with. The phone I have fallen in love with is the SonyEricsson W660i. It's features a Walkman w/FM receiver, 3.0 MGPX camera, Bluetooth, Upgradeable memory card, web browsing and more. I hate being a tech geek but I like this phone and say fuck the IPhone. If they would only put a release date and perspectives carriers on their website I might actually be more excited. Here is a link if you want to check it out for yourself http://www.sonyericsson.com/spg.jsp?cc=us&lc=en&ver=4000&template=pip1&zone=pp&pid=10867#

With the time I had one my hands because of the change of plans today I was able to conduct a through field day of the house. I finished the entire list of menial household task that we all hate; laundry, vacuuming, and cleaning, I know it just gives you shudders. But hey I got it out the way.
I did reward myself buy purchasing tickets to see the Braves take on the St. Louis Cardinals on July 19th this will make my 4th game this year. On Friday I will pick up the photos from my last game where the Braves beat up on the Padres. I do have to mention that the Red Sox won tonight 7-3 over the Yankees bring their lead back to 10.5 games up on them. The Braves also won beating the Mets 8-1 and closing into 1.5 games on the division leaders.

I just hope Thursday will bring clear sky's, but if they are going to be overcast it could at least rain.

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