Monday, May 28, 2007

Meomorial Day

For many of us Memorial Day is only the unofficial start to the summer and we never look beyond the cookouts, camping trips or vacations. But for many it's remembering loved ones that they have lost. They will visit the grave and place flowers or just take a moment to remember.
Memorial day dates back to the late 19th century just after the Civil War. Since then more than 1 million men and women have paid the ultimate cost for their country. Many of us do not agree with the political reasons for the wars that cost their lives. The reason that I'm writing this is in response to article in the Boston Globe on Saturday were someone broken into a cemetery in Natick, MA and burnt the flags placed on veterans graves. I have no problem with a person wanting to exercise their 1st amendment rights of expression. If that includes the burning of the flag to protest your cause or to protest a failed policy, this does not bother me. What bothered me most about this story is that these flags were placed to honor veterans that had died. Just because you disagree with the policy do not take it out on the veterans or the military.

Military action in Iraq was a result of a failed administration and a failure to seek a diplomatic solution. The only ones that you can blame is President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Sec.of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and every member of Senate and House that voted in favor of the invasion of Iraq.

But, please do not blame the soldiers or sailors that are serving and have served their country.

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Cassie said...

Its funny, your comment "Just because you disagree with the policy do not take it out on the veterans or the military" TOTALLY sums up my thoughts on the war and the troops. I do not support the war, yet I completely and totally support the troops. They don't choose where to go, they are merely doing their duty.
I don't want to rant into your comments, but I give you serious props. I agree.
Thanks for stopping by my blog, come back sometime. I'll definitely be coming back here.

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