Thursday, April 12, 2007

Where they Stand???

Over the last day or so I’ve been studying the 2008 Democratic candidates positions. What I found was that other than Congressman Kucinich not one of them has a public policy on where they stand on LGBT issues. I know that former Senator Edwards did speak out against Gen. Pace’s comments on opinion on homosexuality and “Don’t ask, don’t tell. Also know that both Hillary and Obama stumbled terribly when asked their opinion on those same subjects. So I figured after that they would have posted their positions on their campaign site, none of them have. So because of this I emailed each one of them and the Stonewall Democrats to see if they had any information. While I was at it I also asked if they had a transcript on the speech that Gov. Richardson gave to their National convention back in March. I find the Governor to be an interesting and qualified candidate, who I’d like to learn more about. Overall I want to see more than sound bytes which I found other websites including I want to see it in their own words with explanation for or against.
I figure that I’ll give them a week or so before I’ll have to follow up with written letters and send those off via snail mail. I’m sure they get a ton of email each day and have some Jr. staffer looking those over. Who knows what their personal view is on the subject and what priority they will give my request. Here is a generic copy of my requests

I was looking over Governor/Senator (Name) site for information on where he stands on the issues. What I am specifically interested in is where the Governor/Senator stands on LGBT issues. I would like to know what his position is on Marriage/Civil Unions, Adoption, "Don't ask, Don't Tell", Hate crimes and other forms of social discrimination that the LGBT community faces in America. ((I would also be very interested if his keynote speech at the National Stonewall Democrats convention in Las Vegas is being made available.)) If you could email this information it would be deeply appreciated. Thank you for your time

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