Saturday, April 28, 2007

Senator Edwards's Response

I'm sure some you may have read my posting from April 12th where I was mentioning I was curious about the Democratic Presidential candidate's stand on GLBT issues. Well, I received my first response today from Senator Edwards' camp, here is a copy of the email. Though it was not as in depth as I would have liked. But I do appreciate that someone took the time to write back to me. Which is more than what I have heard from the other candidates. I'll keep you posted on any further details.

Dear Robley,

Thank you for writing John Edwards about the rights of gay and lesbian
Americans. He appreciates that you took the time to share your thoughts
and concerns. Hearing from people all over the country about the issues
important to them strengthens our campaign.

John Edwards deeply believes in equal rights for all Americans. Couples
in committed, long-term relationships should enjoy the same rights and
responsibilities whether they are straight or gay. While same-sex
marriage is a difficult issue for him personally, he believes that the
next president can and should lead the country toward a consensus around
equal rights and benefits. He supports civil unions to guarantee gay
and lesbian couples inheritance rights, hospital visitation rights and
equal pension and health care benefits. Edwards also believes that our
military ought to treat all service members equally and in a way that
promotes national security, without regard to their sexual orientation.

Your thoughts on the rights of gay and lesbian Americans are important
to us and we appreciate hearing from you.

Again, thank you for sharing your ideas with the campaign.

The Edwards Team
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