Saturday, April 07, 2007

Human Nature

I just want to say people suck!

Have you ever been disappointed in someone?

I mean, have you thought that you knew a person but then something comes to light and you are totally caught of guard and your just like WTF. This week some things had materialized at work; a person I thought I knew, I trusted as an employee, as a person and as a friend, destroyed all of that. This person was let go for breaking company policy. I don't know what the circumstances were, I don't care, and it is know of my business. It just messes with my head when you think you can trust a person and something like this happens. I just never understood why or how a people could do something dishonest.
On the same day that all of this happened a woman was arrest for shoplifting. Probably saying so what Hollywood stars do it all the time, yes that may be so but they don't bring their 6-year-old daughter with them. Yeah you heard me 6-year-old daughter, another big dish of WTF. I just don't understand people. I have taken psychology and sociology classes and none of this have helped me understand why people do the things that they do.

Why ruin your life for such a small amount of anything. I mean if your going to do something illegal at least make it worth it. All of this reduces my trust in mankind and no amount of religious hoopla could help me regain it. Only thing I know is that karma will punish each and every one of them. It's the only thing I can honestly say works. Maybe there is some spirit or higher authority that dishes out sentences to these people. All I know is what goes around does come around to bite you in the ass.

I think I became very tolerant of people know matter who much of an asshole someone is. I believe that the navy is responsible for much of that. When I was in the navy I was stationed on a submarine with 80-95 other people. You would be underway (at sea) with them for days, weeks and months on end, maybe sharing your bunk with one or two of them. You may not have liked them; hell I didn't like a 1/3rd of them. But I tell you what I trusted every one of them with every aspect of life. You just tolerated them. Yeah they got to you sometimes and other times you may have wanted to run and hide, but where? On the sub was about 300' X 30'around and only about 100' X 15' was actual space after you subtracted for machinery and equipment. So yeah very close quarters. On top of that if there was a person in your watch section that you didn't like, you were stuck with them for 6 hours and there was no getting away. This is probably one of the reason that people are so tightly screened, you either had a very high tolerance for people or we were all completely nuts. But regardless we trusted each other, you could leave your wallet on your bunk go to the bathroom and it would still be there.

My point with all this is you just don't know whom you can trust. At least not anymore.

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