Monday, April 02, 2007

1st Quarter Fund Raising Totals

The 2008 Democratic Presidential candidates announced their funding raising totals, which topped new record. Hillary Clinton and John Edwards were at the top of the pile with these new records, though Barak Obama has yet to announce his totals. I'm sure that Senator Obama did his fair share to add to his coffers and once revealed those totals will be right up there with Hillary.

Hillary Clinton reported raising $26 million and then transferred another $10 million from her Senate campaign fund. Former Senator Edwards reported that he raised $14 million dollars since the begining of 2007. Rounding out the rest of the pack; New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson's campaign said he had raised $6 million in primary campaign money and had another $5 million cash on cash on hand. Sen. Chris Dodd, is said to have raised $4 million transferred nearly $5 million from his Senate campaign account and had $7.5 million cash on hand to bring him to $16.5 Million. Sen. Joseph Biden, had total receipts near $4 million for the quarter, which includes less than $2 million transferred from his Senate campaign account.

It still amazes me that we judge a candidate's ability to be president solely on their purse strings. We never look at what accomplishments that they have made or the rest of their resumes. All we care about is "bling" not the level of their intelligence, their experience as diplomat or even how they can lead. Just because a candidate can raise money doesn't mean that they possess any of these abilities. Isn't this an example of why campaign reform is needed? In none of these report could I find who donated the money, so how do we know that lobbyist aren't lining the pockets of our would be leaders. I just think there needs to be some sort of accountability to the people on where this money comes from.

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