Friday, March 09, 2007


I'm Psyched!!! I purchased my tickets for the Boston Red Sox and Atlanta Braves series here at Turner Field. I have to admit I will be rooting for the Sox and not the Braves. In every city that I have lived in I have always rooted for the home team but having grown up in the Boston area they are addictive team to follow. But personally I don't hold much hope for the Braves this season. Their pitching is suspect and after Hudson he's good number 2, Hampton hasn't pitched in a year and the last two positions are filled with kids. I just hope these kids have break out seasons, Kyle Davies showed some great progress last season lets hope it continues.
The Biggest blunder the Braves made was trading away La Roche to Pittsburgh. The infield 1st base will be a rookie, Renteria is and average SS, Chipper there are injury concerns, and 2ND will be another rookie. In the outfield you have A.Jones great center-fielder, on his right Francouer average hitter but fielding is weak and in Left is Langerhans strong fielder but average at the plate.
Since the Braves have been up for sale for the last 2 years they have maintained a frugal payroll at $80 Million which doesn't compare to the the Yankees and Red Sox which are in the $200 millions +. I don't and wouldn't expect the Braves to spend or overpay like those to teams have, but when you look at their line ups they are both filled with all-stars. What the Braves need is to be sold we need an owner with some enthusiasm and not going through the motions.

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Brad said...

Nothing to say to this really, but I love seeing baseball posts. Go Phillies!

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